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    Mastara is a village situated 10km north from Talin, first of all known for the church of St. Hovanes. It stands out among central-domed cruciform (inside and outside) churches, like the big church in Artik, the church of St. Gregory of Arichian cloister, St. Sarkis in Voskepar and Arakelots in Kars (X c)..

    In one of five epigraphic inscriptions at Mastara temple, Gregory Vanakan is mentioned as a builder , another one records the repair of the church in 891. Many points of view exist about the dating of the temple (V-VI, VI- VII cc). Some consider if to be built in VII c with the preserved remainders of still existing more ancient church. For various reasons the last version is considered more probable.

    The composition of the scheme of the church in Mastara is close with the scheme of Echmiadzin cathedral. It is cruciform inside and outside.

    The village Mastara is rich of other archeological and architectural monuments. Among them especially notable is a large free-standing khachkar on a rock covered thinly like a canvas with decorations.

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