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    Odzun is a historical town in the Armenian province of Lori. It is situated on a plateau above the left bank of the Debed river gorge, a few kilometres south of the town of Alaverdi.

    A number of historical places have been established to enrich the collection of tourist attractions in Odzun, Armenia. The historical landmarks, monuments, a number of monasteries and churches of this city dated to 8th century. The churches date back to 6th century.

    It is famous for the 5-7th century Odzun Church, one of the finest Armenian basilicas with a cupola. Southern part of the church is superb and attractive. The first church came out here in the 6th century is really mind blowing. Later in the 8th century, this church was refurbished by St. John III, who was the Philosopher in between 717 and 728.

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