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    Hrazdan is the capital of the Kotayk province of Armenia. It is situated in the North-Eastern part of Armenia. The name Hrazdan is derived from the Middle-Persian name Frazdan. Farzdan is connected to the Zoroastrian mythology.

    With a population of 52,808 it is the fifth-largest city in Armenia by population. The oldest inhabitants of this town have immigrated from Maku, Salmast, Sasoun and Kars.

    During the Soviet years it was one of the highly-industrialized towns of the Armenian Republic.

    The town has a dramatic theater, a gallery, museums, libraries, a private higher educational institution, 2 specialized schools, colleges, 13 general educational, children’s art schools, child and youth creative, cultural and youth sports and cultural educational centers of the municipality, child and youth creative sports schools of winter sports.

    Makravank Monastery is located in Hrazdan and there are also 13th century AD St. Astvatsatsin Church and 11th century AD chapel.

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