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Armenia Government Chronology

Chronology of Armenian Government

IV-III thousand years BC. - origin of fore Armenian tribal unions on the territory of the Armenian Plateau.

859 BC - Mentioning of Arame - the first king of Urartu in the Assyrian cuneiform inscriptions
782 BC - Foundation of Erebuni fortress
550 BC. - Mentioning of Armenian kingdom in Xenophon’s chronicles
520 BC - Mentioning of Arminya country and Armina people in Persian king Dareh’s Behistun stone

1st c. AD. - Completion of ethnic formalization of Armenian nation and formation of Armenian language
45-56 - The reign of the king Tigran 2nd. The strengthening of the Armenian statehood

301 - The adoption of Christianity as state religion
387 - The division of Armenia between Rome and Persia
405 - The creation of Armenian alphabet by scholars and monk Mesrop Mashtots
451, 26 May - Avarair battle. Vardan Mamikonian’s battle against Persian on the river Tghmut
859 - Formation of Armenian principality from the vassalage of arabic Chalipt
885 - The start of Bagratuni Dynasty and the reinstatement of the Armenian statehood

1124 - The independence of Ani from Seljuk turks
1375 - Fall of the kingdom of Cilicia from invasion of Egyptian Mamluks
1441 - The re-establishment of the Catholicosate in Holy Etchmiadzin

XVI - Armenian appel to Eropean nation for the request of defending from turks and Persians
XVII - Armenian Embassy in Russia

1722 - Withdrawal of Russian Army in the Caspian Sea. Occupation of Baku, Derbent
1724 - The creation of the independent Armenia Duchy in Kapan by David Bek
1812- Victory of Russian army against Persians on the Araks River
1813 - The signing of Golestan treaty between Russia and Iran
1826 - Second war with Persians. The adjacent of Russia with Eastern Armenia under the Turkmanchay treaty
1828 - The creation of the Armenian region within the Russian Empire 

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