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Armenia What to see? Caves T'rchunneri (Bird) Cave

T'rchunneri (Bird) Cave

This cave is actually a complex of smaller caves that are more easily explored than Mageli Cave. The cave is located at the (M2) highway, at the entrance to Noravank Canyon. It is in the cliff behind the riverside restaurant (to the right as you enter the gorge). It is reached by taking a footpath behind the restaurant up the steep hill to the triangular entry points into the caves.

The cavern's collection of small caves, interconnected with narrow tunnels, include a few smaller caves in the higher cliff walls.

A more recent excavation uncovered evidence of wine production from the Chalcolithic period, which if proved will make the cave one of the earliest known sites for wine fermentation in the world (ca. 4200-3800 BC).

Other caves in the area include Archeri (Bear) and Mozrov Caves, reached via Arpi Village.

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