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Monument to Hovaness Bagramyan

Monument to Hovaness BagramyanThe monument to the Soviet military leader marshal Baghramyan has been opened on May 24th
in the centre of Yerevan – on Baghramyan avenue.

The sculpture of this wonderful statue is Norayr Karagyozyan.

The idea to set up a monument to the great statesman in the capital centre was born in Armenia in 1995, however to start its realization was possible only in 2001, with assistance of the former Ministry of Defense – Serj Sargsyan.Hovhannes Baghramyan (1897 - 1982) - is well-known Armenian military leader.

In 1918 young Baghramyan participated in fights at Sardarapat against Turkish armies, in the ranks of Armenian National Army. After Armenia was included in the union with the Soviet Russia, Baghramyan received the military formation. In 1942 Baghramyan was appointed as the commander of 16-th army.

In 1943, at the fight of Kursk-Orel, Baghramyan and his army excellently carried out the strategic problems that had been put by the Joint Staff of the Soviet Army. In November 1943 Baghramyan became the commander of the Soviet armies of the first Baltic front. In December 1943 his soldiers entered Belarus, and in June 1944 he was awarded a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union, and later a rank of the Marshal.

During post-war period Baghramyan held the posts of the commander of the Baltic region, the main inspector of the Ministry of Defense of USSR, the deputy minister of defense, director of Military Academy of the general command and the commander of Reserve Forces of Soviet Army.

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