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Monument Yeghishe Charents

Monument Yeghishe CharentsYeghishe Charents (1897-1937) was a very popular revolutionary and controversial poet who is considered the forefather of Armenian modern poetry.

Charents's poetry, - his collected works amount to at least 8 substantial volumes, - is both a dramatic autobiography and a provocative socio-political history of his turbulent times. It is
passionate and partisan. Charents communicates not through commentary one-step removed, but immediately, tempestuously, through poetry that flows as if directly from the core of his being. Poetry with him is almost instinctive, a very condition of his existence.

“If you want your song to be heard” he insisted, “you must become the breath of your times”. So he was: an artist of many voices directed by the storm of revolution to produce an enduring poetry of Whitman-like grandeur.

The monument to Eghishe Charents is situated in the “Oghakadzev” (Oval) park near the State University of Yerevan. The sculptor of the statue is Nikoghayos Nikoghosian. It is a polished granite platform with a long trench and 40 pomegranate fountain heads lining the south side. The tall series of towers has a large bust of the writer’s head on one side with larger-than-life size human figures on other sides, representing characters from his poems.

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