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Monument to Alexander Myasnikyanu

Monument to Alexander Myasnikyanu

The Soviet state and party figure, the writer, the colleague of Lenin.

From 1901 Miasnikyan was the participant of gymnasia illegal circles in Nakhichevan then in Moscow. He was in revolutionary movement from 1904. From 1909 to 1914 conducted work of revolutionary organizations in Tiflis.

After October revolution (in November, 1917) the Minsk council’s congress of the soldier's deputies of the Western front selected Miasnikyan as a commander of their front. Consequently, for some period he fulfilled the duties of the Supreme commander in chief in armed forces of the Soviet Russia.

In the beginning of May, 1921 Miasnikyan was sent to Armenia by the Central Committee RKP in order to strengthen the Republic party and Soviet management. Here Miasnikian worked as a chairman in SNC and the national commissar on military affairs of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, simultaneously as the vice-president of SNC, a member of the Caucasian bureau of Central Committee RKP.

Miasnikian is known as one of the most outstanding Armenian Marxists and publicists. The author of some works on the theory of Marxism-Leninism, history of revolutionary movement and the Armenian literature.

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