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Devil's Bridge (Satani Kamurj)

After Goris, a few kilometers to the river Vorotan, the road forks. The main road crosses the river and goes further south, the secondary one turns west to the village of Tatev. First it goes through the mighty forest, where the green crown of old oaks, hornbeams, yew trees and chestnut trees remind travelers that Zangezour not in vain is considered the forest land of Armenia. Then the road darts out onto the edge of a gigantic cliff, under which, about 500 m below, is the roaring Vorotan river. Twisting unimaginable serpentines, the road descends to the famous Devil’s Bridge.

The mineral water, flowing from sources in the crevices of the rocks, painted the walls of the canyon in pink and yellow-green colors. For many centuries, the lime from the healing springs- travertine –spread from one bank to another, forming a massive stone arch over the river with a length of 100 m and a width of 40 m.

Along the edges of the bridge down to the water huge icicles-stalactites of fantastic shapes are hanging; from the rocky ledges cascades of pure mineral water are breaking down. In some places, under the output of the thermal springs, natural baths are formed, where you can have spa treatments, and the space under the bridge resembles a huge stalactite cave. It is worthwhile to get out of the car here to drink a glass of lemonade, take a bath, finally- to examine Tatev Anapat located nearby.

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