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    Hotel Old Dilijan

    1, Sharambeyan Str.

    Distance to city center — 0.1 km

    The complex is situated in the town of Dilijan, the northern part of Armenia (Tavoush region). Tavoush region is known for its picturesque landscape, mild climate and many historic sites. In late 19th, early 20th century, life in Dilijan went through many changes due to its scenic beauty and natural environment.

    Two-storied tiled wooden homes with detailed carved balconies had become quite common as Dilijan’s typical architecture, some of which can still be seen on the historic Sharambeyan street, which has been restored by Tufenkian.

    Sharambeyan street has been preserved as an “Old Town Dilijan” complete with craftsmen’s workshops, small shops with traditional Armenian products and crafts, museum, showing a typical 19th century home with all its locally made furnishings, guest house and a Tufenkian Restaurant.

    «Ananov» guest house:
    It is located on the historic Sharambeyan street and features 2 rooms (accommodating 6 guests). Both rooms have large private balconies from which you can enjoy the natural beauty of Dilijan.

    The architecture of the guesthouse is synonymous with that of the region and its heritage: two-storied tiled houses, with carved wooden balconies. Each room features old style furniture, Sealy Crown Jewel mattresses, and famous hand-made Tufenkian Armenian Carpets.

    The design of the rooms will take you back to 19th century Dilijan, and give you an opportunity to experience true Dilijan lifestyle.

    «Haykanoush» restaurant:
    The restaurant features traditional Armenian dishes, creatively reinterpreted and expanded by the Tufenkian culinary team. The Guests can choose from a variety of offered stews such as lamb stew with apricots, or beef stew with pomegranate, as well as pilafs and many other dishes.

    The design of the restaurant creates a warm atmosphere, which is perfect for intimate dining or memorable gatherings.

    «Esayan» museum:
    It showcases a typical Dilijan living room of 19th-20th century, which includes hand crafted dresser, travel trunk, a 1920 Tavoush-Garden Rug and other items.

    The applied art of rug and carpet making, was developed in the historic area of Tavoush-Gugark.Woven curtains, bedding cases, salt sacs and saddle bags were part of daily use. The wide variety of Tavoush-Ijevan group of rugs have especially been famous in the markets worldwide.

    You can find many of these items in museum. The museum also showcases farming wood and carving tools, as well as kitchen and textile tools.

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