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Tour in Armenia Biking-6

| 6 days | 750 km (469 miles)

Small combined vehicle-bicycle route which passes through the central part of the country. The tour is designed for tourists who wish for a small number of days to relax in nature, see beautiful mountains, breathe clean air, combining it all with a light cycle race on mountain serpentines.

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Tour in Armenia Biking-7

| 7 days | 890 km (556 miles)

Small combined vehicle-bicycle race throughout northern Armenia. Tourists will see the magnificent wooded landscapes of mountain ranges, the breathtaking river gorges of the rivers Kasakh, Debed and Dzoraget, will be able to swim under the scalding sprays of the waterfall Trchkan. Long distance rides and, if requested, ascents will be carried out in vehicles, leaving long descents and the most beautiful parts of the way for cycling.

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Tour in Armenia Biking-10

| 10 days | 1160 km (725 miles)

Great bike ride through the northern and central parts of Armenia. The route will require a good physical preparation to overcome a few passes, allowing to enjoy the speed and the surrounding beauty on long descents.

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Tour in Armenia Biking-13

| 13 days | 1585 km (991 miles)

Great bike ride along the central and southern parts of the country is designed for experienced cyclists. Overcoming a large number of mountain serpentines and breathtaking passes will require a lot of effort and patience. Tourists will travel along a part of Great Silk Road, starting from the Sevan peninsula, along the shores of Lake Sevan, through the passes of Sulem, Vorotan, Meghri and Tashtun, up to the southernmost city in the country - Meghri, located near the border with Iran. Tired tourists can overcome part of the way on the transport accompanying the group.

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Due to its nature, landscape, and the title of «outdoor museum», Armenia is an ideal place for cyclists.

Mountain passes and serpentines, alpine meadows and hot valleys, all this is seasoned with ancient monuments and other remarkable places.

Combined bicycle tours are offered – the complicated parts of the road tourists will pass by car, while the main part of the journey on bicycles. Covering a greater distance, the tourists have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the country, see more sites and attractions.

Routes run on excellent modern highways, on rural roads running among alpine meadows, on mountain trails. Of course, there are many mountain serpentines on the way.

All along the tour the group is escorted by an accompanying car, in which participants will pass the difficult parts of the road or will be sheltered in bad weather. Each group is provided with maps, communication devices, GPS.

Meals will be based on traditional Armenian cuisine. In the case when the group spends the night in tents field kitchen will come to aid and home cooking will be served.
All the organizational work, including providing food and accommodation, is performed by the Company's employees.

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