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Biking, 13 days, 1585 km (991 miles)

Great bike ride along the central and southern parts of the country is designed for experienced cyclists. Overcoming a large number of mountain serpentines and breathtaking passes will require a lot of effort and patience. Tourists will travel along a part of Great Silk Road, starting from the Sevan peninsula, along the shores of Lake Sevan, through the passes of Sulem, Vorotan, Meghri and Tashtun, up to the southernmost city in the country - Meghri, located near the border with Iran. Tired tourists can overcome part of the way on the transport accompanying the group.
Day 1
After a brief rest at the hotel, guests will embark on a tour of Yerevan city that includes stops at Republic Square, Victory Park, Mother Armenia, Cafesjian Center for the Arts, The Cascade, a carpet factory, the monument to A.Tamanyan, Opera House, and Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial.

(Note: Arrival day activities will be adjusted as needed according to the itinerary of the traveler.)
Meals: Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Regineh
Travel Distance: 70 km (44 miles)
Day 2
Yerevan – Sevan – Sevanavank – Ayrivank – Noraduz – Martuni
The tourists will be taken by car to high alpine Lake Sevan - «The Pearl of Armenia» (60 km). Biking along the western shore of the lake.

The territory of Sevan basin with the largest high-mountainous fresh water lake in the world is a unique reservoir with its microclimate and wonderful landscapes. Fish lunch. there will be crawfish tasting with beer after lunch upon wish.

Visiting Sevanavank Monastery on Sevan peninsula. The biking tour will continue to the Monastery of Airivank (IX c.). Not far from Airivank Monastery on the shore of Lake Sevan tourists will see the settlement of Noraduz (80 km), famous for its big khachkar cemetery. There are about 900 khachkars of various styles and epochs there.

Supper and lodging in tents in Martuni.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 150 km (94 miles)
Day 3
Sevan – Hayravank – Selim caravanserai – Jermuk
Hayravank: This monastery, dating to the 9th - 11th centuries, is located on a rocky promontory in a village on the western shore of Lake Sevan. Fortification and settlement remains dating from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages are found here.

Selim Caravanserai: Built by Prince Chesar Orbelian in 1331, this inn accommodated travelers and their animals as they traversed the Silk Road through the Selim Pass. Restored in the 1950s, this caravanserai has unique decorations and stone carvings.

Jermuk: Known as a health resort with healing mineral waters Jermuk is surrounded on three sides by mountains covered with alpine forests. There is also a scenic panorama of the Arpa River gorge.

Lodging in hotel in Jermuk.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Verona
Travel Distance: 220 km (138 miles)
Day 4
Jermuk – Vorotan Pass – Karahunj – Goris
Descending by bikes along the old road to the highway (25 km). Stop at Gndevank Monastery - architectural monument of the X century.

Proceeding from Jermuk crossroad to Syunik gates by car (40 km). Stop at Vorotan pass (2344 m). Observing wonderful Syunik plateau and surrounding mountains. Descending by bikes to the crossroad of Sisian town (30 km).Lunch.
Biking trip to Karahunj. Visiting the monument of the Bronze Age (II millennium B.C.) including megaliths, observatory and necropolis.

Lodging in the hotel in Goris.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 200 km (125 miles)
Day 5
Sisian – Devil’s bridge – Tatev
A trip by car to the highway of Sisian – Goris (5 km). Cycling down to Devil’s bridge (40 km) along the highway and earth road. Stop at Devil’s bridge-the unique monument of nature, where the banks of the river Vorotan meet, forming a natural bridge.

The mineral springs, the splendid view of the Vorotan gorge, surrounded with high river banks and summits of the Syunik mountains. Lunch.

Proceeding by car to Tatev Monastery (12 km). Excursion in the territory of the monastery – the spiritual centre of Eastern Armenia, where there functioned a high school – vardapetaran and Tatev University in the XII – XV centuries. There opens a wonderful view on the gorge of the river Vorotan. Supper. Lodging in tents near the village of Tatev.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 45 km (28 miles)
Day 6
Tatev – Kapan – Chakaten
A trip by bikes to Kapan town (50 km) across villages, cycling along the earth road. Excursion in Kapan, visiting the monument to David-Bek, Mount Khustup where you can see the monument to Gareghin Njdeh.

Lunch in Kapan. Going up by car to Chakaten village (8 km). Supper and lodging in tents.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 120 km (75 miles)
Day 7
Chakaten – «Shikahogh» Nature Reserve – Tsav village
Descending by bikes to Tsav village (15 km), passing across Shikahogh Reserve. There will be halts on the way to see the woody landscapes of the Meghri Range and its summit – Mount Bartaz (2286 m.).

During the stop at the gorge of the river Tsav – the lowest point of the Reserve, tourists will get information about the flora and fauna of Shikahogh, which area is 10 000 hectare. Lunch. Visiting platan grove – unique place of oriental plane-tree natural growth. Supper in Tsav village. Lodging in tents.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 50 km (31 miles)
Day 8
Tsav – Meghri Pass – Meghri
A trip by car to Meghri pass (15 km). Descending by bikes to the river Araks, proceeding to Meghri (30 km) along the Araks. All the way along there opens an amazing view of the Meghri Rang, the mountains in the territory of Iran, as well as the gorge of the frontier river Araks.

Excursion in the city of Meghri, visiting the old quarter of Meghri, churches of the XVI –XVII centuries. Lunch.
Supper. Lodging in a guest-house in Мeghri.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 60 km (38 miles)
Day 9
Agarak – Tashtun – Kajaran – Kapan
Going up by car to Tashtun pass (15 km). Proceeding by bikes down to Kajaran town (30 km). Lunch.

Along the whole way one scenery gives place to another. Sightseeing, including the Meghri Range and the summits of Bakhatsar and Chgnavor (3023 m.), as well as the snowy peak of Kaputjukh (3904 m.).

Visiting Vahanavank Monastery (XII-XIVcc). Continuing the trip by car to Kapan town (40 km, the trip can be realized by bikes upon wish). Supper. Lodging in hotel.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 100 km (63 miles)
Day 10
Kapan – Tas pass – Goris – Khndzoresk
Ascent by car to Tas pass (35 km). Descending by bikes to Goris town (30 km). The panorama of the gorge of the Vorotan domains along the whole way. Lunch.
City tour in Goris, visiting old cave-town Goris situated at the foot of the pyramidal rocks, sightseeing from the highway. Proceeding by car to «cave-settlement» Khndzoresk (15 km).

Sightseeing. Supper. Lodging in tents.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 100 km (63 miles)
Day 11
Khndzoresk – Ukhtasar – Goris
Passing by car from Khndzoresk to a crossroad across Goris. Ascent to Mount Ukhtasar by car (80 km). Excursion in «the picture gallery of primeval artists», seeing the petroglyphs of Ukhtasar. Dinner. Transfer to Goris.

Supper. Lodging in hotel.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 120 km (75 miles)
Day 12
Goris – Noravank – Khor Virap – Yerevan
Transfer from Goris to Yerevan (250 km). On the way excursion in Noravank Monastery (XII –XIV cc.) nestled in the gorge of the river Gnishik. Visiting Khor Virap Monastery to the left of the frontier river Araks opposite Mount Ararat.

Along the whole route there follow each other the landscapes of mountainous Syunik, the gorge of the river Arpa, Ararat valley, and certainly the view of Biblical Mount Ararat. Lunch at the gorge of the Arpa.

Lodging in hotel.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Regineh
Travel Distance: 300 km (188 miles)
Day 13
Yerevan – Matenadaran – Vernissage – Yerevan Brandy Company «Ararat» – airport Zvartnots
Before departing from Armenia, this eight-day tour concludes with visits to the Matenadaran where ancient Armenian manuscripts are stored and exhibited, Vernissage crafts and flea market, and the Yerevan Brandy Company for a tour and brandy tasting.

(Note: Departure day activities will be adjusted as needed according to the itinerary of the traveler.)
Meals: Lunch
Travel Distance: 50 km (31 miles)
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