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Biking, 7 days, 890 km (556 miles)

Small combined vehicle-bicycle race throughout northern Armenia. Tourists will see the magnificent wooded landscapes of mountain ranges, the breathtaking river gorges of the rivers Kasakh, Debed and Dzoraget, will be able to swim under the scalding sprays of the waterfall Trchkan. Long distance rides and, if requested, ascents will be carried out in vehicles, leaving long descents and the most beautiful parts of the way for cycling.
Day 1
After a brief rest at the hotel, guests will embark on a tour of Yerevan city that includes stops at Republic Square, Victory Park, Mother Armenia, Cafesjian Center for the Arts, The Cascade, a carpet factory, the monument to A.Tamanyan, Opera House, and Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial.

(Note: Arrival day activities will be adjusted as needed according to the itinerary of the traveler.)
Meals: Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Regineh
Travel Distance: 70 km (44 miles)
Day 2
Yerevan - Amberd - Aparan - Harich - Gyumri
Southern slope of Mount Aragats: From the road leading to Ashtarak there is a wonderful panorama of two extinct volcanoes - Aragats (4090 meters / 13,419 feet) and Arailer (3560 meters / 11,680 feet), Near the town of Ashtarak there is also a beautiful view of the Kasakh River gorge.

Amberd: Located on the southern slope of Mount Aragats, Amberd is a 7th century fortress. Its name, meaning “a fortress in the clouds”, is a fitting description given its elevation at 2300 meters (7546 feet) above sea level.

Harichavank: Known for being the largest religious and cultural center in the Shirak Province, this 7th century monastic complex contains a school and several churches. Of particular note is the umbrella-shaped dome and high-relief wall carvings.

Gyumri: The capital city of the province of Shirak and the second largest city in the Republic of Armenia. A trip through Gyumri reveals a city still recovering from the devastating earthquake of 1988. Visitors will tour the historic district, restored churches, the new residential area of “Ani”, and a monument to French-Armenian singer-actor Charles Aznavour.

Excursion around the city. Dinner. Lodging in hotel.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 230 km (144 miles)
Day 3
Gyumri - Vardakhbyur - Kakavasar - Pokr Parni - Vanadzor - Stepanavan
A trip by cars to Vardakhbyur village (30 km). Then cycling up to Kakavasar village (40 km).

From the village proceeing by cars to Trchkan waterfall (30 km) along the gorge of the river Trchkan. Lunch. After a bath in the waterfall a trip along earth road up to the highway of Gyumri – Vanadzor (2-3km). The trip is carried out by cars through Bazum pass up to Stepanavan town (7-5 km). To the left and right sides of the road there opens a staggering sight on woodlands of the Bazum Ridge.

Supper. Evening walk in the city. Lodging in hotel.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Hotel Accommodations: Lori
Travel Distance: 150 km (94 miles)
Day 4
Stepanavan - Loriberd - Aygehat - Odzun - Sanahin - Hagpat
A trip by bikes to Odzun village (50 km) along the left bank of the river Dzoraget. On the way there will be an excursion in the territory of a fortress (X-XIVcc). Lunch.
Visiting the basilica of Odzun dating back to the 6th century.

The trip will continue by cars to Sanahin and Haghpat villages (16 km). The road passes through the deep gorge of the river Debed. Both banks of the river are decorated with amazing mountains and woodlands.

Visiting Sanahin and Haghpat Monasteries (X-XIVcc.).
Camping. Supper and lodging in tents in Haghpat.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 130 km (81 miles)
Day 5
Haghpat - Ayrum - Kirants - Ethnographic museum
Biking tour to Ayrum village (20 km), from where a car will take the tourists to Kirants village(35 km) passing through Noyemberyan town.

On the way to Kirants Monastery a visit to the church of St. Apostles (Surb Arakelots) and a fortress. Picnic in the canyon.

A visit to Kirants Monastery.
Camping at the Ethnographic museum in the canyon. Supper and lodging in tents.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 100 km (63 miles)
Day 6
Kirants - Ijevan - Dilijan - Haghartsin - Sevan - Yerevan
A trip by bikes to the city of Ijevan (15 km).
The history of Avarayr battle (the first war for the Christian faith). Halt at the oak tree (a holy tree), legendarily planted by sparapet Vardan Mamikonian (Commander-in-Chief of the Armenia troops).

Change of transport and continuing the trip by cars along the gorge of the river Agstev, through Dilijan resort up to Sevan pass. During the whole trip you’ll be accompanied by woody landscapes of the gorge of Agstev.

Excursion in the territory of Haghartsin Monastery (X-XIVcc) nestled in woods. The road passes through a tunnel at the foot of Sevan pass and comes out at alpine Lake Sevan – the blue pearl of Armenia (87 km).

Walking around the peninsula, visiting churches of Sevan Monastery (IXc.). Fish lunch.
Back to Yerevan. Lodging in the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Regineh
Travel Distance: 160 km (100 miles)
Day 7
Yerevan – Matenadaran – Vernissage – Yerevan Brandy Company «Ararat» – airport Zvartnots
Before departing from Armenia, this eight-day tour concludes with visits to the Matenadaran where ancient Armenian manuscripts are stored and exhibited, Vernissage crafts and flea market, and the Yerevan Brandy Company for a tour and brandy tasting.

(Note: Departure day activities will be adjusted as needed according to the itinerary of the traveler.)
Meals: Lunch
Travel Distance: 50 km (31 miles)
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