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Tour in Armenia Ethno-7 (Centre)

Ethno-7 (Centre)
| 7 days | 1310 km (819 miles)

The circular route of the tour passes through the central and southern parts of Armenia.The first and the last two overnights are in Yerevan, the other three are in other towns in Armenia: on the shores of Lake Sevan, in the resort town of Jermuk and in the town of Goris. This is the most optimal program for those wishing to make their first circular tour around the country. Tourists will see the most popular major sights in Armenia as well as attractions in the quite remote areas of the country such as Jermuk waterfall, the stunning Bronze Age «Armenian Stonehenge» – Karahunj (IV – II mil. BC.), «Devil’s Bridge» - the amazing natural miracle of Vorotan gorge, thermal springs and, of course, the majestic Tatev Monastery.

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Tour in Armenia Ethno-7 (Sevan-Karabakh)

Ethno-7 (Sevan-Karabakh)
| 7 days | 1600 km (1000 miles)

Circular tour round the central part of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). The perfect tour for those who wish to see Armenia and Artsakh in the frame of a single tour. Tourists will travel along Armenia’s «pearl» Lake Sevan, and reach Jermuk resort passing through the beautiful caravanserai of the Selim pass. Further, through the symbolic gates of Syunik region they will enter the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, where they will visit the town of Shushi, Stepanakert and the monastery of Gandzasar. On the way back tourists will explore «Birds' Cave» and have a degustation of genuine Armenian wine in Areni village.

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Tour in Armenia Ethno-8 (Karabakh)

Ethno-8 (Karabakh)
| 8 days | 1530 km (956 miles)

This tour is for those travelers wanting to explore Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR). In addition to experiencing the history of NKR through its monasteries – Gandzasar, Dadivank, Amaras, and Ghazanchetsots – sightseers will also spend time in Stepanakert, the capital city of NKR. Whether enjoying the view of the Tartar River valley, relaxing in the open-air hot springs at Jermadjur, or hiking Mt. Ukhtasar to view ancient rock carvings, this tour promises a unique introduction to the cultural and natural diversity of this small Armenian enclave, also known as Artsakh and Mountainous Karabakh.

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Tour in Armenia Ethno-10

| 10 days | 1825 km (1141 miles)

Ten-day comfortable and leisurely tour during which tourists will immerse themselves into the history and culture of the country, will visit many historical sites, see magnificent landscapes, mountain passes and valleys of rushing mountain rivers. This will certainly be a chance to discover the rich cultural heritage of Armenian people, their customs and traditions as well as to communicate with local people and appreciate their hospitality and warmth. In the town of Vanadzor you will visit the workshop of an artisan who specializes in the manufacture of cross-stones. And not far from Dilijan, in the village of Lermontovo, you can have tea with the local people - the Molokans, who are Russian old believers exiled to Armenia since the times of empress Ekaterina II.

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Tour in Armenia Ethno-14

| 14 days | 2595 km (1622 miles)

The tour is a real journey – a wonderful chance to discover and appreciate not only Armenia’s stunning nature and rich history but also its rich cultural heritage, the customs and traditions of this extraordinary land.The route passes through the whole territory of Armenia to the southernmost town of Meghri - near the border with Iran.

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Tour in Armenia Golden Ring

Golden Ring
| 14 days | 2755 km (1722 miles)

To reach the most remote and embrace the most fascinating corners of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) is possible only by choosing the cultural-historical tour «Golden Ring of Armenia». And then it will be possible to discover such amazing places as the monasteries of Akhtala and Kobayr with their beautiful frescos, to climb the guard towers of the fortress of Amberd and touch the eternity at the fortress walls of Lori Berd. Three days are dedicated to Nagorno-Karabakh to explore its amazing nature, monasteries and of course Jermajur hot springs. Guests will spend the first and the last three overnights in Yerevan thus having more free time to walk in the city, enjoy the evenings in cafes and restaurants.

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Cultural-historical tours are circular trips around the country from seven to fourteen days. The saturated programs will allow to immerse in the history, culture and atmosphere of the country and the life of the Armenian people. The main emphasis of the programs is the culture and history of the country, the sights and nature.

Particular attention is paid to the participation in daily Armenian life. During the trip tourists can take part in the preparation of «khorovats»(barbeque) or «lavash» baking (a soft, thin flatbread of Armenian origin), try the home mulberry, peach, apricot vodka or wine.

Tourists will see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Agarak - a monument from the times of Urartu, ascend to the guard towers of the fortress of Amberd, look from the observation platform at the impregnable monastery of Tatev and take an enjoyable bath in the hot source-geyser of Jermajur hotsprings in Artsakh (Karabakh).

Tourists will also visit the workshop of an artisan specialized in «khachkar» carving (Armenian cross stones carved by hand from a single piece of stone with amazing decorations and ornaments), a carpet factory, where only hand-weaving technologies have been used since ancient times. Tourists will see majestic sights such as Akhtala Monastery wth its beautiful frescos, the magnificent Jermuk waterfall, the stunning Bronze Age «Armenian Stonehenge» – Karahunj (IV-II mil. BC.), a natural bridge called «Devil’s bridge» and several thermal springs. To reach the most remote and the most fascinating corners of the country select the cultural-historical tour «Golden Ring of Armenia».

Excursions are varied and leisurely; depending on the number of days the total length of routes can reach from 1500 to 2800 miles - a real journey. Cultural and historical tours are a great opportunity to touch the unity of the amazing diversity of Armenia.

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