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Trekking and Hiking

Tour in Armenia Aragats-7

| 7 days | 780 km (488 miles)

The program offers ascent to the highest mountain in Armenia - Aragats (4090 m). This is a unique chance not only to explore one of the most ancient and large extinct volcanoes of the world, but also get thrill from the conquest of the technically challenging northern and western peaks of the mountain. The snow in the crater (ice circus) of the mountain does not completely melt even during the hottest August days. During the descent from the crater, in the gorge of Gekharot ("Beautiful Valley"), the tourists will see three waterfalls. According to the legend, the «Lamp of the Illuminator» glows here at nights and under this light prayed the founder of Armenian Apostolic Church - Gregory the Illuminator.

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Tour in Armenia Aragats & Azhdahak-7

Aragats & Azhdahak-7
| 7 days | 525 km (328 miles)

The program of the hiking tour combines the conquest of two of the most beautiful mountains of Armenia - Aragats (4090 m) and Ajdahak (3596m). Tourists will be able to conquer the three highest peaks Aragats, as well as make a hike to a glacial lake, located in the crater of Mount Ajdahak. And from the top of the mountain opens a breathtaking view of the blue pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan.

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Tour in Armenia Hiking-10

| 10 days | 1265 km (791 miles)

A ten-day hiking tour in Armenia. Wonderful nature, clean mountain air filled with the rich aroma of herbs, overnight in tents under the stars. Ridges, passes, and serpentines, small mountain lakes with crystal clear water, caves and cave dwellings. And, of course, authentic, delicious national meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade vodka and wine...

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Tour in Armenia Hiking-14

| 14 days | 1945 km (1216 miles)

A two-week hiking tour which will allow tourists to conquer the three peaks of Armenia - Aragats (4096 m), Ajdahak (3 597m) and Khustup (3,212 m) and make a hike on the Bear Ridge, which offers breathtaking views of Lake Sevan. Tourists will learn about the culture and life of an ancient nation; they will visit unique medieval churches and castles and will savour unique dishes of Armenian cuisine while enjoying the hospitality of the local people...

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Tour in Armenia Trekking-14

| 14 days | 1460 km (913 miles)

Trekking tours are the best option to feel the land on which you travel. Passing slowly along the mountain and forest paths one might get more familiar with the local population, as well as with the customs and traditions of the country. Therefore tourists open to challenges choose this type of travel to explore a new country.

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Destination Information

Trekking and Hiking

These tours offer ascents and informative walks along mountain trails designed for tourists without special training. All ascents are carried out under the surveillance of experienced instructors. This hiking tour does not require special training thus it is open for all those seeking adventure.
Depending on the direction, the program may contain various elements of complexity including climbing the highest mountains in Armenia: Aragats (4096 m), Khustup (3,212 m), Arailer, the extinct volcano Ajdahak (3 597m), Ukhtasar, Bear Ridge (2 374m), Artanish.
Accommodation en route is carried out in tents, guest houses and hotels. For a variety, the itineraries are combined with visits to cultural and historical attractions.

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