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Trekking and Hiking, 14 days, 1945 km (1216 miles)

A two-week hiking tour which will allow tourists to conquer the three peaks of Armenia - Aragats (4096 m), Ajdahak (3 597m) and Khustup (3,212 m) and make a hike on the Bear Ridge, which offers breathtaking views of Lake Sevan. Tourists will learn about the culture and life of an ancient nation; they will visit unique medieval churches and castles and will savour unique dishes of Armenian cuisine while enjoying the hospitality of the local people...
Day 1
After a brief rest at the hotel, guests will embark on a tour of Yerevan city that includes stops at Republic Square, Victory Park, Mother Armenia, Cafesjian Center for the Arts, The Cascade, a carpet factory, the monument to A.Tamanyan, Opera House, and Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial.

(Note: Arrival day activities will be adjusted as needed according to the itinerary of the traveler.)
Meals: Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Regineh
Travel Distance: 70 km (44 miles)
Day 2
Yerevan - Zvartnots - Ejmiadzin - Amberd - Lake Kari
Zvartnots Temple (7th c). The Zvartnots Temple («Celestial Angels») is like a proud eagle, perched on a high pedestal.

Ejmiadzin (Vagharshapat) and the First Cathedral of Saint Ejmiadzin, church of Saint Hripsime. St Ejmiadzin is believed to be the first Christian church in the world, founded by Gregory the Illuminator in 303 Ejmiadzin is the residence of the Supreme Catholicos of all Armenians and the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Lunch.

A trip to the southern slope of Mount Aragats in Aragatsotn province. From the road leading to Ashtarak there is a wonderful panorama on the extinct volcano of Mounts Aragats and Arailer. And from here, near the town of Ashtarak there opens a view on the gorge of the Kasakh River.

The trip continues to Amberd fortress («Fortress of clouds» of VII- XIVcc) which is located at 2300 m. above sea level, on a high triangle cliff which is formed by rivers Amberd and Arkashen. From here there is a wonderful view on Mount Ararat and Ararat Valley. A walking tour around the fortress (1.5 km-2 hours).

Climbing up to 3200 meters and a stop near the high mountainous lake – Kari Lich. Camping. Supper. Walking around. Spending the night in tents.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 120 km (75 miles)
Day 3
Southern and Western peaks of Mount Aragats
Breakfast. Climbing the Southern (3887m) and Western (4001m) peaks of Mount Aragats. Lunch on the peak. Descending to the camp.

Supper and lodging in tents.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 140 km (88 miles)
Day 4
Northern peak – Eastern peak – Gegharot gorge
Breakfast at 8:00. Descending to the crater (3683m.) through the arch of northern and eastern peaks. Climbing the northern peak, which is the highest (4090m.). Dinner on the peak.

Climbing the eastern peak (3916m.) and descending through the picturesque gorge Gegharot. The length of the tour is 8 km. The average time - 6-7 hours.
Upon the descent from the crater through the gorge Gegharot – you will see three waterfalls. According to the legend, «Icon-lamp of the educator» shined here at nights and under this light Gregory the Illuminator – the founder of Armenian Apostolic church and the First Catholicos of all Armenians – prayed.

Supper and lodging in tents near the eastern peak.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 230 km (144 miles)
Day 5
Kobair - Haghpat - Dnevank - Sanahin - Odzun
A trip to Lori. A walking tour to the Monastery of Kobair (40 minutes), where you can see unique medieval frescoes.

Dinner in Kobair, at a peasant’s house where you can taste home-made jam, pickles and cornelian vodka.

The trip continues to Haghpat village and to the Monastery. Haghpat monastery was called the Holy Cross church. Holy water fills the small pool in the church. Believers say this water has curative qualities for people with heart problems.

Descending to the bridge and walking tour to the fortress of Dnevank (1 km, 40 minutes). Then walking tour to Akner village and to Sanahin (1 km, 40 minutes). Visiting the Monastery.

Then the way leads to the village Odzun and visiting the dome basilica of St. Hovhannes (VI c.).

Supper and lodging in guest-house in Odzun.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 75 km (47 miles)
Day 6
Sevan - Bear range
A hiking tour to the Bear range (6.5km, 2.5 hours). From here the tourists will have an opportunity to admire the unique view of Lake Sevan from above. Lunch on the peak of Mount Bear (2374m). Descending to the highway.

Visiting Sevanavank Monastery (XIc.) on Sevan peninsula. Supper and lodging in a rest-house near the Lake.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 30 km (19 miles)
Day 7
Tsaghkashen - Mount Ajdahak - Lake Akna
A trip to Tsaghkashen village (2193m.) across Gavar. A hiking tour to the plateau of Mount Ajdahak (12km – 4.5hours). Lunch on a summer pasture, where the tourists will taste fresh matsun (kefir), soured cream, cheese and butter.

Camping at Lake Akna (3023m). Observing the petroglyphs spread at the slope of Ajdahak.
Supper and lodging in tents.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 200 km (125 miles)
Day 8
Climbing Mount Ajdahak
Climbing to the extinct volcano of Ajdahak (3604m) on the crater of which tourists can admire the emerald glacial lake.

From the peak there opens wonderful view on Lake Sevan and Geghama range. Lunch on the peak.

Descending to the camp. Supper and lodging in tents.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 220 km (138 miles)
Day 9
Sevaberd - Garni
Hiking tour to Sevaberd village (10km – 3 hours, 2051m). Visiting Garni (1445m).

Visiting Garni castle (III c BC-XIIIc. AD) – the summer residence of Armenian kings, seeing the pagan temple of Sun built by Armenian king Trdat Arshakuni (Arshakid) in 77. This is the only Hellenistic temple preserved in the territory of CIS.

Walking down to the canyon of Azat river. Walking along the river and visiting the ancient stony bridge of III c. BC. Seeing the «Symphony of Stones» which is naturally formed by volcanoes.

You can see basalt – a rare thing in nature – set in a hexahedron column way. From a distance it seems to be gigantic organ pipes and from below it seems to be honeycombs (5km – 3 hours). Supper and lodging in a guest-house.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 30 km (19 miles)
Day 10
Garni - Kaqavaberd - Geghard - Yerevan
A trip to Kaqavaberd castle on a lorry and walking into the castle (1km – 1.5 hours, 2075m) and the unique church Menanots (1729m) located among the forest, the inhabitants of which are nuns.

A trip to the Monastery of Geghardavank. Visiting the unique cave (carved in a rock) of Geghard Monastery (XII-XIIIcc), several buildings of which have unsurpassed acoustics.

The name of Geghard is connected with the biblical lance preserved here. As it is mentioned in the Bible, by this lance a roman warrior pierced the body of Christ on the cross Christ. A tip of the lance is preserved in the museum of the Cathedral of Saint Ejmiadzin.

Returning to Yerevan. Lodging at the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast Lunch
Hotel Accommodations: Regineh
Travel Distance: 150 km (94 miles)
Day 11
Yerevan - Khor Virap - Noravank - Sisian - Kapan
A trip to Ararat Valley. A visit to Khor Virap Monastery («Deep dungeon»). According to Armenian historian Agatangeghos (5th c.) the future first patriarch of Armenian Apostolic Church, Grigor Lusavorich was imprisoned in this dungeon for 13 years. The monastery is several hundred meters away from the border between Armenia and Turkey, it is on the higher, left bank of Arax river. From here there is a panoramic view of Mount Ararat.

A little, half-hiking tour to the picturesque gorge of Noravank Monastery. The gorge is known for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs, directly across from the monastery. The monastery is best known for its two-storey S. Astvatsatsin church, which grants access to the second floor by way of narrow stones jutting out from the face of building. In the 13th–14th centuries the monastery became a residence of Syunik's bishops and, consequently, a major religious and, later, cultural center of Armenia.

Visiting the ancient stone observatory Zorats Qarer (Qarahunch, 4-2 BC), located in Sisian, seeing the prime form of monumental architecture of mankind. A walking tour (2km – 1.5hours). A trip to Kapan. (807m).
Supper and lodging at a hotel.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 350 km (219 miles)
Day 12
Climbing Khustoup
Climbing Mount Khustoup (3212m, the trip is realized by a lorry 10km – 1 hour) and a walking tour (5 km – 3.5 hours). Lunch on the peak. Descending – 1.5 hours. Descending to Kapan by car.

Supper and lodging in a guest-house.
Meals: Lunch Dinner
Travel Distance: 150 km (94 miles)
Day 13
Yeghegnadzor - Areni - Yerevan
A trip to Yeghegnadzor. Swimming in mineral waters.

A trip to Areni village which is famous for its wine-making. A trip to the wine factory, watching the technologies and the way of wine preparation, visiting the wine-cellar. Wine tasting in the wine factory.

Returning to Yerevan. An evening walk around the city. Lodging at the hotel.
Meals: Lunch
Travel Distance: 130 km (81 miles)
Day 14
Yerevan – Matenadaran – Vernissage – Yerevan Brandy Company «Ararat» – airport Zvartnots
Before departing from Armenia, this eight-day tour concludes with visits to the Matenadaran where ancient Armenian manuscripts are stored and exhibited, Vernissage crafts and flea market, and the Yerevan Brandy Company for a tour and brandy tasting.

(Note: Departure day activities will be adjusted as needed according to the itinerary of the traveler.)
Meals: Lunch
Travel Distance: 50 km (31 miles)
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