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Why going to Armenia is a must?

If I were to be asked where on the planet Earth one can see the most incredible wonders, I would first of all say – Armenia…, said Rockwell Kent.

«There is no other land in the world so full of wonders as the land of Armenians... »
George Gordon Byron

In the territory of the Republic of Armenia (29.8 thousand sq. km.), which is less than one-tenth of the historical Armenia, there are 25 thousand historical and cultural monuments, which represent all periods of human development, starting with the megalithic era.
Armenia is also a «museum of nature». The amazing diversity of nature - mountain ridges and peaks, alpine lakes and rivers, deep gorges and mountain passes, abrupt landscape variations - gives unique geographical features to the Armenian identity.

The uniqueness of Armenian culture, the fascinating history of Armenia,  the large number of monuments, memorial sites, as well as the events and names of prominent figures of Armenian history and culture associated with them, have always attracted foreign visitors to Armenia. And the guests of Armenia are not mistaken in their choice.

Armenian Travel Bureau has the opportunities to make the visitors experience the best of the country. These are the natural monuments of Armenia such as the extinct volcanoes - the biblical Mount Ararat (5165m); the highest peak of the country - mountain Aragats (4095m), which numbers up to 150 large and small volcanic craters, Geghama ridge, the world's largest freshwater alpine lake - Sevan (1900m above sea level), the rivers Vorotan, Debed, Azat, Arpa, Kasakh (with depth up to 500m), etc.

Guests will see masterpieces of Armenian architecture such as the unique archaeological monument of the megalithic and prehistoric eras – the observatory Zoratsdasht (Karahunge) - Armenian Stonehenge (4-2 millennium BC) as well as the center of prehistoric metallurgy and the observatory of Metsamor (3-2 millennium BC), the Urartian fortresses  Erebuni and Armavir (IX-VI centuries. BC), the pagan temple of the Sun (I century AD.), the Holy Seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church – Echmiadzin (303 AD), early Christian basilicas and cross-domed churches of IV-VII centuries majestic monasteries of X-XIV centuries, and much more.

Visitors will always remember the image of the biblical Mount Ararat and the Ararat valley landscapes, the river canyons of Vorotan, Debed, Azat, Aghstev, Kasakh, Arpa and many others.

Armenian Travel Bureau offers a rich variety of informative tours to Armenia having as an objective the tourist interest in the natural, recreational, historical, cultural, architectural, archaeological, ethnographic, spa and other resources of the country.

The ability to surprise is a great gift. Armenia is indeed a country that is able to surprise!

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