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Designed to give travelers an overview of Armenia’s architectural, cultural, historical, and natural treasures. Using Yerevan as a base, these five, seven, or eight-day tours interweave city excursions to concerts and museums with scenic drives to ancient churches and monuments.


These seven, eight, ten, or fourteen-day tours fully immerse the traveler in Armenia’s unique culture and rich history. Enjoy a comfortable and leisurely tour through forests and along rivers, explore monasteries and mountains, and - along the way - experience the warmth and hospitality of local Armenian families.


Featured experiences
Embark on an unforgettable journey to deepen your understanding of Armenia’s cultural heritage, discover new experiences, explore your creative side with local artists and artisans, enjoy homemade authentic Armenian food, hike through natural and urban landscapes and discover what's unique about Armenia.


After a hectic week at the office, enjoy a three or four-day weekend getaway. Spend time sightseeing and shopping in the city or take leisurely strolls and enjoy picnics in the countryside. Either way, this tour will leave you both energized and refreshed.


Trekking and Hiking
Experience the sights and sounds of this ancient landscape: explore extinct volcanoes, dangle your feet in rivers and lakes, watch for falling stars. Designed for the novice or experienced hiker, these seven, ten, or fourteen-day tours will introduce trekkers to Armenia’s majestic mountains and rugged terrain.


Designed for those individuals wanting to get back to nature. Camp in the midst of Armenia’s diverse flora, explore natural caves, and collect local herbs. These six or seven-day tours provide an awe-inspiring opportunity to discover the amazing diversity of Armenia’s nature.


There is no better way to experience Armenia’s mountain passes, serpentine rivers, alpine meadows, snow-capped peaks, and arid valleys than by bike. Designed for both experienced and novice bikers, these six, seven, ten, or thirteen-day tours provide a unique travel adventure.


Whether experiencing the high mountain landscape amid gently falling snow or delighting in the relaxing warmth of brandy after a meal, winter in Armenia can be an extraordinary experience. Enjoy a four, five, six, seven, or nine-day tour devised to showcase the seasonal beauty of the country.


Long known for its healing mineral waters, Armenia has been experiencing a renewed growth in wellness travel. Inquire about facilities, locations, and treatment types, and we will work with you to coordinate a relaxing and memorable health-related experience.


These creative travel packages aim at helping businesses and corporations promote professional development. Whether you are looking to organize a large conference, or engage in small team building activities,contact us and we will develop a tour package to meet the needs of you and your staff.


Armenia has four great rivers upon which to experience the ultimate rafting adventure. The location of the river, its level of complexity, and time of year will give travelers a range of options for exploring fortresses, monasteries, and monuments located along the river’s edge.


The territory of Armenia has a rich and varied archaeological legacy. This ten-day tour will not only teach you the techniques and methods needed for excavating archaeological sites but will also prepare you to take part in the restoration and study of historic Armenian artifacts.


Armenia is a true paradise for birdwatchers, as it hosts number of species from Western Palaearctic birding list; many of those are “lifers” for birders. Over 350 bird species are recorded in Armenia, while about 800 are recorded in entire Europe. Among over 350 bird species, more than 200 are breeding.


Take pleasure in the fragrance, the taste, and the smoothness of Armenian wine produced from the same grapes used to make Armenia’s legendary brandy, During this four-day tour, tourists will not only engage in wine tasting but will also learn about each region of the country through their wine legends.


Follow the route the Apostles took through Armenia, the first country to adopt Christianity. Experience a nine-day tour filled with spiritual solitude as you trace the evolution of Armenia’s religious foundation through its churches, monasteries, and stone crosses.

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