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Jukhtak Monastery

Jukhtak Monastery is situated 3.2 km north-west of the main Dilijan Town. The near church, St. Grigor, was built probably in the 11th or 12th c. The dome disappeared long ago, and the foundation and walls have been brutally reinforced against the collapsing soft stone below.

The West church, St. Astvatsatsin, has this inscription: «In the year 1201, in the Amirdom of Lasha and the Khanate of (missing), I Hayrapet, abbot of S. Petros Monastery, built S. Astvatsatsin with the hope that every sunrise in both vestibules one mass will be offered for me and one for my brother Shmavon, and in all the churches for my parents.» Khachkars.
The half-ruined Matosavank Monastery (12-13th centuries) is located near Jukhtak Monastery deep in the forested areas.

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