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The Museum of Russian Art

The Museum of Russian Art was established in 1984 by the initiative of Doctor Aram Abrahamian, an Honorary citizen of Moscow and is based on his private collection.

The Russian Art Museum Collection in Yerevan city holds artworks from one of the most wonderful periods in the history of the Russian art – end of the 19th beginning of the 20th century.

Principally new artistic values of this period were formed upon the background of social changes and in response to the new, industrial, fast-paced, insecure world. That quest for new values led to a search for new pictorial forms, triggered interest in symbols, scenic design and emotional possibilities of colour and resulted in creation of new artistic traditions and groups that quickly became and remain world-famous.

The Museum Collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and decorative arts traces the development of Russian art and art groups of that period. The most famous among these art groups are «Arts World», «Blue Rose», «Brick Jack», «Donkey’s Tail». The works of founders and leaders of these art groups, including Benoi, Somov, Golovin, Grigoryev, Reorich, Koustodiev, Borisov-Moussatov, Kouznetsov, Soudeykin, Sapounov, Saryan, Konchalovsky, Lentoulov, Osmyorkin, Goncharova, Shevchenko, Bogayevsky, Voloshin, Petrov-Vodkin are presented.

Museum Collection houses the works of more than 120 artists that are displayed based on art groups to reveal their peculiarities and differences, rather filly expressing the esthetics of the period. It is the Scenery Hall that looks particularly eye-catching, and it is here that the scenic designs and costumes for various performances, folk, circus, dramatic, ballet, and opera, create an almost palpable feeling of a real-life festival.

The exposition is completed with a memorial hall dedicated to the donators of the Museum, to a renown physician, art collector and public servant Dr. Aram Yakovlevich Abrahamian and his wife Maria Leontievna.

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