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Museum of Literature and Art after Yeghisheh Charents

«The shining names of poets grace our age. In Britain that name is Kipling, in France—Apollinaire and Eluard, in Germany—Rilke, in Spain— Garcia Lorca, in Russia—Mayakovsky and Yessenin, in Armenia—Charents and Issahakian».
Louis Aragon

Yeghisheh Charents Literature and Arts Museum was founded in 1953 on the basis of the materials of the Literature and Theater Museums and R. Melikian Music Study Center.

In 1967 it was named for the great poet Yeghisheh Charents. It has a collection of about 800 archives. The Museum maintains close ties with museums and institutions in other countries.

The Museum has published sections guides and letters of a number of Armenian artists in its Literary Heritage series. The Museum holds symposia and exhibitions. An impressive collection of early printed rare books and newspapers is on exhibit.

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