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Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum

The Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum was opened in 1967, in the house where this prominent composer spent the last years of his life.

N. Buniatyan designed the museum. Collection contains about 1,300 items including the personal belongings of the composer, his manuscripts, letters, and documents related to his life and work.

About 80 items are a part of the permanent exhibit. The museum has three exhibition halls: the first contains photos, documents, and personal items; the second is dedicated to his work, particularly to «Almast» opera, and has on display the first publications of his pieces, handwritten notes, photos of the best performers of «Almast», and drawings, the third was the composers studio.

The museum is also a favorite gathering spot for musicians and music aficionados and hosts concerts, exhibitions, and competitions for young musicians.

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