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The house of peasant in Garni

There are legends which were composed about Armenian hospitality long ago. Here you will have a real Armenian open air feast in wonderful garden, in the shade of fruit trees. The guests are met by landlords in Armenian national clothes, and sounds national music. There is friendly and warm atmosphere, home - made mulberry vodka and wonderful dishes that are prepared before people’s eyes. The guests can also participate in that process.     

It is possible to set the tables within a building, pavilion or in the garden due to time of year and weather. You will find here many various ancient objects of Armenian household use. For example, “khnotsi” is a big wooden barrel for whipping the butter. “Karas” or the pythos is a big clay vessel of ellipsoid shape that was used in Armenia for fermentation, storage and transportation of the wine.

 Before the beginning of the lunch, the Master-class of meat and vegetable barbeque making can be organized as well as preparing of lavash (bread), which is made in Armenian oven – tonir. Every guest will be able to participate in that process. There is home-made mulberry vodka and apricot vodka served up.  

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