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    Areni (formerly called Arpa) is a village in the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia, famous for its wine, which is the final product of more than 3.000 years of natural selection, grown only in Areni Village.

    Visible to the right of the main road is the Astvatsatsin church of 1321, built during the tenure of Abbot Hovhannes. The architecture as well as the carvings are the work of Momik, and there are interesting tombstones outside.

    Turn into the village, cross the bridge, and turn left on a clear road up to the church. There are ruins of the medieval Areni village and mansion of Tarsayich Orbelyan in the valley and, reportedly, remains of a cyclopean fort SE of the village on the edge of gorge and a 13th c. bridge remains on the Arpa river built by Bishop Sargis (1265-1287).

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