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    The village Aruj ( former Talish, XVIII c till 1970) is one of the oldest settlements of Armenia. It is situated in historical Aragatsotn province, at the southern foot of Aragats Mountain near Ashtarak. It is mentioned as winter shelter for the king’s army in V c. It was the capital city of Armenia during Ishkhan Grigor Mamikonyan’s power (661-682). It became a town-settlement in X-XI cc.

    Aruj and its environs are rich with historical- architectural monuments; burial-vaults from Bronze Age, temples, palaces, fortresses, khachkars, etc. The temple of Arutch is one of the most important medieval Armenian architectural constructions. According to building inscriptions and manuscripts (Ghevond, Hovanes Draskhanakertsi, Stepanos Taronatsi) in 60-70’s of VII c it was built by Grigor Mamikonyan and his wife Heghine.

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