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    Arzni, a village in Kotayk region of Armenia, is located in 23 km to North from Yerevan in the valley of Razdan river at the height of 1250 m above sea.

    It was based by Assyrians in XIX century. Arzni is a resort where the main curative factors of waters are carbon-dioxide-chloride-bicarbonate-sodium. The climate is warm. In winter, the air temperature is-5C, and the average temperature in summer is 22 C. Favourable climatic terms and clean mountain air create conditions for treatment and rest. Arzni is located in the picturesque canyon of the Hrazdan River and on the left bank of the plateau.

    Archaeological excavations revealed that the mineral waters of Arzni used for medicinal purposes in ancient times. During the cleaning of one of the sources ancient coins from different countries were found. Not far from the resort, Paleolithic site was found on the shores of Hrazdan, the length is 2 km and width is 0.5 km. Archaeological material is of great value to study the life of primitive man to be produced in the territory of Armenia. In addition, there are 2 Churches in Arzni built in the VI and VII centuries. People who come here for treatment, also have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and meaningful spend their leisure time.

    Arzni resort formed around saline - alkaline carbonic sources. The climate is temperate: winter is mild and summer is cool. The duration of sunshine is 2236 hours per year. The resort is located at the altitude of about 1300 m above sea level. If you have a chance to visit Arzni, you would be greeted by a beautiful resort town with health spas, plant and mineral water bottling and production of carbon dioxide from it. There are three centers for adults and one children's health resort.

    Arzni is the best place for treatment of cardio - vascular system and digestive system. Mineral water is used for bathing, drinkable medical treatment, inhalation (breathing in vapor treatment) and other purposes.

    The water has a pleasant sour taste and is indicated for the treatment of the digestive system, liver and urinary tract. The resort is welcomed for travelers all year round.

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