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    The center of Vayots Dzor is the attractive town of Yeghegnadzor, situated on the bank of Arpa River. Lush with fruit trees, Yeghegnadzor proudly displays monuments dating as far back as the 1st millennium BC. Among the worthwhile sites in the area are the Regional Museum of Yeghegnadzor, the city Art Gallery, and the History Museum of the University of Gladzor, which recently celebrated its 700th anniversary. The Paskevich Bridge is an architectural achievement worth seeing as well.

    As wines from Yeghegnadzor, and particularly Areni village make their way into shops around the world, people from all over the world are making their way to Yeghegnadzor. The surrounding area is one of the richest in the variety and quality of sites and activities it offers.

    Within a half an hour drive from Yeghegnadzor are the beautiful monasteries of Noravank, Tsakhatskar, Tanahati, and a number of smaller churches and monasteries as well. There are also the wineries, which are just learning the touristic aspects of wine making. Areni winery just off the highway offers wine tasting in their cellar.

    The caves and caverns of this area are a spelological delight, with spelunkers having their choice of 3 large caverns to go spelunking in.Magili Caverns, just off the road on the way to Noravank are easy to find and enter, but are a labrynth of narrow corridors and tunnels 1.7 km in length should be done only by the very experienced or with a guide due to the possibility of getting lost. There are some plain stalactites, although most have been broken off, and a bat colony as well. The more impressive caverns of Arjer Cave and Mozrov Cave are much harder to reach and enter due to a number of reasons. For both, a local guide from Yeghegnadzor must be found unless you are extremely experienced.

    The 13th century Yeghegnadzor bridge was built in the Middle Ages, this bridge over the river Arpa consists of a single arch 16 meters in span. Unlike other medieval bridges of Armenia, its arch is ogival which appreciably increases the height of the bridge roadway in the middle.

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