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    Kapan was also called Khaban, Khapan. As a dwelling it existed since the early medieval and first it was mentioned since the 5th century. The fortress-town was situated in Zork or Kapan province of Mets Haik of Syunik country. «Kapan» means canyon, mountain-pass. And the place had this name because of its numerous valleys and mountains. The medieval Kapan was situated 14-15 km north-west of the present Kapan. The Syunyats narrator Stepanos Orbelyan (13th century) gives us detailed information about Kapan. It testifies that in the end of the 9th century Kapan belonged to the Syunyats royal family of Dzagikyans. It was rebuilt and fenced by Prince Dzagik, the son of Djvanshi Sysakyan. In 997 when the Syunyats kingdom was formed Kapan became one of the major centers. Later the capital of the kingdom was removed from Shagat to Kapan.

    Nothing quite compares to the special natural beauty of Kapan, which may explain why its people have fought so hard to hold on to their land. The rich natural resources within the mountains drew people to this busy mining town which gradually envolved into a big industrial city. Syunik, besides, being a beautiful land, is also a heart of ancient civilization.

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