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Erebuni Fortress

Erebuni that was built on the hill Arin Berd is situated in the south-east of the City of Yerevan. It is the first largest Urartian military-strategic center, which occupied the territory of Aza land of Ararat valley.

Until the first half of the 20th century the territory of Erebuni was not known. Only in 1950 during the exploration of Arin Berd monument, a constructing inscription of Argishti the First was found. After deciphering it turned out to be the confirmation of the construction of Erebuni fortress.

The inscription says: «To (God) Haldie, the Lord, this house, did Argishti, son of Menua, built this splendid fortress and named it Erebini, Strength to Biainili (country), Obedience to enemy (country). With the greatness of Haldie (God), Argishti, son of Menua, powerful king, king of Biainili (country), ruler of Tushpa city».

As it is illustrated in the inscription, Yerevan used to be called Erebuni, which later transformed into Irpuni, Erivuni, Erivan and Yerevan.

The Erebuni citadel is a unique architectural complex with a palace, religious and economic structures, which are situated on three sides of the central square.

On the left of the entrance there is the temple of God Haldie, on the right there are economic structures and grain storehouses, in the front of the temple there is the palace complex with pillar courtyard and a separate temple (Susi), dedicated to «God Ivarsha».

The citadel is surrounded with tall and thick fortifications, which form three rows at the entrance. The magnificence of inner adornments of the palace and the temple is indicated by the beautiful and opulent mural paintings, which have cult and secular character, with scenes of hunting and farming and geometrical and vegetate ornaments.

The walls of the temples were adorned with scenes of sacrifice and march of gods. The frescoes are considered to be exceptional and valuable patterns of art.

In October 1968 on 2750th anniversary of Yerevan foundation Erebuni Museum was built on the foot of the citadel, where precious patterns, objects of cult and practical importance of Urartian culture are exhibited.

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