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Monument Armen Tigranyan

Armen Tigranyan’s achievements include a number of works from different genres, with his most famous as the operas “Anoush” and “Davit-Bek.” These have special importance to Armenian musical history, as his most significant accomplishment was the creation of the opera “Anoush.” Perhaps the most popular Armenian musical and theatrical work is the “Anoush” opera based on Hovhannes Toumanyan’s poem with the same title. The entire masterpiece represents Armenia in its musical entirety, though the composer did not use any folk song or themes in its creation. “Anoush” is an opera of national character, and with Armen Tigranyan’s vivid national thinking it has been spread rapidly among people and loved by them. Many arias and songs from the opera have become staples of Armenian music.

Monument Armen Tigranyan

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