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Monument to Michael Nalbandyan

Monument to Michael Nalbandyan

Mickael Nalbandyan (1829-1866) was a prominent humanist writer, a publicist with enormous knowledge who fought passionately for freedom. He shared the views of the revolutionary democrats of the middle of last century, Vissarion Belinsky, Alexander Herzen and Nikolai Chernyshevsky, and did not escape cruel persecution by the tsarist government.

He was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, where he spent three years in solitary confinement. He was subsequently exiled to the town of Kamyshin, where he died at the age of 37.

A statue to the great Armenian revolutionary Mickael Nalbandyan stands on one of the corners of the Boulevard Ring. Nalbandyan’s statue is the only one in Yerevan without a traditional pedestal. Tall and gaunt, with his head thrown proudly back, the writer stands almost on a level with the ground. Sculptor Nikogaios Nikogosyan has conveyed the image of the noble fighter, symbol of the progressive Armenian intellectuals, for whom national interests were intrinsically linked with internationalism in the very best sense of that word.


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