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Sayat-Nova is considered by many to be the greatest ashik (folk singer-songwriter) that ever lived in the Caucasus. About 220 songs can be attributed to Sayat-Nova, although he may have written thousands more. Most of his extant songs are in Armenian, Georgian, Azeri Turkic and Persian. A number of them are sung to this day. He was also fluent in Arabic.

In Armenia, Sayat Nova is considered a poet who made a considerable contribution to the Armenian poetry of his century. Although he lived his entire life in a deeply religious society, his poems are mostly secular and full of Romantic expressionism.

The Monument to Sayat-Nova stands in front of the Music School, which bears the poet's name. The inspired bard of friendship and brotherhood among peoples, philosopher and humanist, was erected to commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth. The sculptor Ara Harutyunyan, gives us the image of a bard whose personal destiny was closely bound up with the destiny of his works, with their meaning and content. Though not monumental in size this statue of Sayat-Nova is one of the finest in the collection of Yerevan's sculptures.

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