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Zangezur Ridge

The ridge is located in the south-east of Armenia. It has a meridional stretch from the upper streams of the rivers Arpa and Trtu (Tartar) to the river Araks and represents an enormous pile of folded mountains. This is the most mountainous and rugged part of not only Armenia, but also all Transcaucasia. With just 125 km in length, this range has 16 peaks with more than 3000 meters in height and its highest point - Mount Kaputjugh - rises to almost 4000 m. In all the Armenian Plateau, it is second only to Ararat and Aragats.

Along the Zangezur ridge passes the border between Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan) and Armenia, so in the post-Soviet times, the ridge had almost completely fallen out of the interest areas of hiking and climbing fans. But the eastern spurs of the Zangezur ridge are absolutely safe and accessible for tourists.

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