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Khachatour Abovyan House-Museum

The works of Abovian were of enormous value for the national literature of Armenia.

Abovian was the first author to abandon classical Armenian and adopt the modern Armenian language for his works, as a result ensuring their diffusion.

Khachatur Abovyan house-museum functions since 1938, in the ancestral house of the writer. Abovians patrimony has survived to our days in its original of 200 years ago. The reconstruction work was greatly facilitated by accounts contained in a book «Transcaucasia» by Abovians friend ethnographer Augustus Hagstauzen.

The new exhibition building was erected in 1978 (architect L. Sadoyan) and presently exhibits materials related to the literary, pedagogical, research and social work of the writer, the first and subsequent publications of his writings, translations, manuscripts, works of art dedicated to the writer, etc.

The museum stock contains about 650 items of which 350 are part of the permanent exposition.

Among the items of special interest is the violin of the writers son Vardan, paintings by Gevorg Bashinjaghyan, Yervand Kochar, Ed. Isabekyan, antique and rare publications, etc.

The museum consists of 10 halls dedicated to old Kanaker and the writers childhood, Ejmiatsin, Tiflis, Russian-Persian War of 1828 - 1830, Mt. Ararat, Dorpas, pedagogical activity of the writer, «The Wounds of Armenia» novel and his mysterious disappearance, posterity of the writer.

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