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Childrens Art Gallery

Childrens Art Gallery (National center of Aesthetics) is the right place to discover the genuine personalities of children from all over the world.

The World through the Eyes of Children" is the name of an exhibit that opened in the Artists’s Union of Armenia in 1968 on the initiative of art expert Henrik Igitian. Soon after, the Childrens Art Gallery was founded in 1970 and was later reorganized as the Museum of Children’s Art.

The Gallery has a permanent exhibit and a showroom where individual and thematic exhibitions are organized. It accepts childrens paintings from all over the world and exchanges some of its own with institutions abroad.

The Gallery has about 200,000 exhibits (paintings, sculptures, graphic works, ceramics, appliqué, carpets, rugs and embroidery) from about 120 countries of the world.

Children and their art, amazing as they are, come to prove the deep similarity of people from all countries and cultures in their tendency to strive for what is good and beautiful.

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