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Shaqe Waterfall

Shaqe waterfall is located in the gorge of the river Vorotan, 3 km far from Sisian, on the Shaqe confluent - the left bank of Vorotan River. Its height is 18 meters. Shaqe is the highest and the most beautiful waterfall of Armenia and, as a place of sightseeing, permanently hosts tourists and visitors. Its distance from the Yerevan-Kharabagh highway is 4 km.

According to the legend, long ago there lived a beautiful Armenian girl with black eyes and long curly hair. Her name was Shaqe. During Tamerlane's invasion his soldiers were captivated by Shaqe’s beauty and fancied to kidnap her, but Shaqe, who was keen on her liberty like a true daughter of her country, abhorred becoming Tamerlane's wife. She ran away from her persecutors and threw herself into the Vorotan gorge.

Falling from 18 meters, like the hair of beautiful Shaqe, the water forms a majestic combination with Vorotan Gorge.

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