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Resorts Jermuk

Jermuk Health Resort

Resort-town Jermuk is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Armenia, in the upstream of river Arpa, 173km away from the capital of the country. The plateau on which Jermuk is located is surrounded from three sides with Syunik mountainous range, alpine meadows and woods. The height of the mountain peaks reaches up to 3000 meters. Arpa river flows through the city and the deep gorge divides it into two parts.

Jermuk Health Resort

For many centuries Jermuk has been and it is still a first-rate mineral spa and air resort which has already been mentioned in the I c.AD. In 1925 the first scientific-investigatory group came here to explore the medical features and their influence on the sick people. The conclusion was unequivocal. It is possible to found a city-sanatorium on the basis of mineral water.

The resort Jermuk (translated from Armenian as «hot spring») is located on the height of 2100 meters above sea level. The air in Jermuk is absolutely clean, it is deprived of dust and is sated with aroma of flowers. The first sanatorium with its 120 rooms began to work in Jermuk in 1940. After the war the construction of the resort began very quickly.

The climate is typically mountainous, summers are cool with average temperature of 17C in July. The winters are long and usually it snows much in winter. The average temperature here is 7.5C in January. The spring is long and sunny.

Jermuk Health Resort

The precipitation is 600-700mm yearly and the length of sunny days is 2400 hours. There are 9-20 rainy days in a year accompanied with thunder-storm from 2 to 7 days. The direction of wind is northeastern, and in summer it changes its direction to south-east. The average annual speed parameter is 2m/sec. The foggy days are very rare, from 4 to 6 days.

The slopes around Jermuk plateau are covered with wood vegetation – eastern oak, ash-tree, hornbeam. And from bushes you can find here dogrose, pistachio, wild pear, plum, juniper. There are lots of animals in the woods such as foxes, rabbits, badgers, as well as bears.

In Jermuk there are modern sanatoriums, hotels and resorts for any taste. The accommodation in the sanatoriums is possible for any period.

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